Being the Manager of such a large care home (102 beds split into four units) that has achieved a CQC rating of ‘Outstanding’ at our last two unannounced inspections, I was very reluctant to change our pharmacy supplier. However due to continued issues and concerns being raised about our previous supplier, myself and the Management team met with Sergiu (Director of Loyal pharmacy) who came to the home to discuss their service. They then met with my Senior care team and were able to give a clear presentation and demonstration using their systems and paperwork format……….. The team loved it! Following this very positive meeting and being persuaded to change to Loyal pharmacy, I was amazed by how easy and stress free the transition over to them was . They were able to equip us with everything that we needed including drug trolleys, and with the help of our home medication lead and Sergiu himself, the change over of pharmacy supplier was quick, easy and thorough. Senior staff sometimes have to swap and work on different units, but because of Loyal’s drug charts, paperwork and medication packs/boxes are all so clearly labelled with colors and photographs, it makes our medication rounds as straightforward and clear as possible………………..even for me when I do them! Now four months into it, I am very pleased that we changed over to Loyal pharmacy. Their service is organised and always readily available, drug charts (MAR sheets) ordering sheets and CD registers clearer than any others I have worked with, we get daily deliveries and our medication lead now has one ‘pharmacy key person’ to deal with at the pharmacy which gives a great personalized service. I need not have been so cautious or reluctant to switch pharmacy. I’m extremely satisfied with the service.

Adam Turvey - Care Home Manager at Burlington Court Northampton